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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg



Gustavo Fernández Riva (Buenos Aires)
Victor Millet (Santiago de Compostela)


Jakub Šimek (Heidelberg)


Dietmar Peschel (Erlangen)

Virtual library, digitization, presentation and technical support

Maria Effinger (Heidelberg)
Leonhard Maylein (Heidelberg)
Karin Zimmermann (Heidelberg)


We thank all institutions and individuals who supported our work on this edition. First and foremost Heidelberg University Library and their director, Veit Probst, who welcomed and supported the project from the outset. The collaboration with the team in Heidelberg could not have been better and more productive. We thank the Spanish ministry for the partial funding of the project. We thank the libraries for providing reproductions of the works in their collections, especially BSB Munich and StaBi Berlin for their efforts in supplying us with special images of the fragments. We also thank all colleagues and staff in the individual institutions who helped us with our detailed questions and our problems.