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Studio: international art: 65 (1915)
International studio: 56 (1915)
Studio: international art: 48 (1910)
Studio: international art: 49 (1910)
Studio: international art: 47 (1909)
Studio: international art: 45 (1909)
The Studio yearbook of decorative art (1911)
Studio: international art: 46 (1909)
Studio: international art: 50 (1910)
International studio: 40 (1910)
The Studio yearbook of decorative art (1915)
Triggs, Harry I. [Hrsg.]; Latham, Charles [Ill.]: Formal gardens in England and Scotland: their planning and arrangement, architectural and ornamental features (London, 1902)
International studio: 35 (1908)
Studio: international art: 60 (1914)
International studio: 41 (1910)
International studio: 39 (1909/1910(1910))
Studio: international art: 43 (1908)
International studio: 33 (1907/1908(1908))
Studio: international art: 69 (1916)
Studio: international art: 44 (1908)
International studio: 36 (1908/1909(1909))
International studio: 51 (1913/1914)
Studio: international art: 42 (1908)
International studio: 34 (1908)
Punch: 148 (1915)
International studio: 60 (1916/1917)
Studio: international art: 84 (1922)
La chronique des arts et de la curiosité (1909)
Punch: 118 (1900)
La chronique des arts et de la curiosité (1910)
The Studio yearbook of decorative art (1908)
Żygulski, Zdzisław: An outline history of Polish applied art (Warsaw, 1987)
The Studio yearbook of decorative art (1907)
Cecil, Evelyn: A history of gardening in England (London: Quaritch, 1896)
Peacham, Henry: The compleat gentleman : fashioning him absolute in the most necessary and commendable qualities, concerning mind, or body, that may be required in a person of honor. To which is added the gentlemans exercise or, an exquisite practise, as well for drawing all manner of beasts, as for making colours, to be used in painting, limming, &c (London, 1661)
Studio: international art: 7 (1896)
Temple, William; Sieveking, Albert Forbes: Upon the gardens of Epicurus: with other XVIIth century garden essays (London: Chatto and Windus, 1908)
Stuart, James; Revett, Nicholas: The antiquities of Athens: The antiquities of Athens and other places in Greece, Sicily etc.: supplementary to the antiquities of Athens (London, 1830)
Punch: 87 (1884)
Meynell, Alice: John Ruskin (Edinburgh , London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1901)
Punch: 26 (1854)
Ars: časopis Ústavu Dejín Umenia Slovenskej Akadémie Vied: 46 (2013)
D'Ooge, Martin L.: The Acropolis of Athens (New York, 1908)
Dodwell, Edward: A classical and topographical tour through Greece, during the years 1801, 1805, and 1806: in two volumes (London, 1819)
Cook, Arthur B.: Zeus: a study in ancient religion: Zeus god of the dark sky (thunder and lightning): Appendixes and index (Cambridge, 1925)
Smith, William: A smaller dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities (London, 1871)
Wilson, Charles W. [Hrsg.]; Fenn, Harry [Ill.]: Picturesque Palestine: Sinai and Egypt ; in 2 volumes (New York, 1883)

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