Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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I.] The Gate of the Great God.

is the "ate of Taser ? It is the sate where
the god Shu (the Light) lifts the disc of
heaven. The Gate of the North is the Gate
of the Great God : " he continues, speaking
evidently of the same gate; exactly as in the
Pyramid the only entrance is the Gate of the
Ascent in the seventeenth course of Northern
face. Bidding now with him farewell to
the light of earthly day, and treading the
descending passage, we pass, some little way
down, a very fine and beautifully ruled
double line,* scored perpendicularly on the

* The detection of this line is connected with a cir-
cumstance of a highly singular character, which seemed
:it one time to lend some appearance of support to the his-
toric theories of Professor Smyth. It was due not to any
measurer or observer of the Pyramid, but to a student
who had never seen the building, but believed that if the
professor's theories were correct, some such special mark
would point out that particular spot. Examination being
made—for the professor had never noticed it—the pre-
diction proved to be true; an act of divination which
would have been remarkable enough if those theories had
°een true, but which seems strange indeed when one
considers their palpable error.
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