Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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74 Note on the Sacred Angle. [On.

that idea of Angle (in Egyptian Kilik, in Hebrew
Phcene); while the two together form the Angle of the
bight through which runs the great dividing line of
East and West.

Yet once more in Egypt itself, according to the ac-
count contained in Genesis—and Moses, it must be
remembered, was at least an expert in Egyptian tradition
—we find among the descendants of Ham the tribe of the
Patroosim, which in that language means the Frontiers
of the Angle (Pat-Rois), and connects them with those
princes of the Angle who formed, as we have seen, an
integral portion of the court of Pharaoh.

What angle then is this of such supreme importance
that it should be the symbol of the great Deity, and
should give a name to the princely races of the earth ?
Of the highly important part played by the relation

Great Angle of the Nile Delta, Source of Life, in Triangle of Egypt.

between Angle and Circle in the structure of the Grand
Pyramid we have already spoken; but there is another
Angle which still remains for consideration, namely,
that between the two branches of the Delta into which
the river forks at Memphis below the Great House. Now
this Angle supplies a simple key to a very curious
problem in cosmography. Upon examining the well-
known triple division of the ancient world, it is
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