Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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76 Note on the Sacred Angle. [Ch.

heaven. Xext, if the lines of the northern fork be pro-
longed indefinitely, then Eastward of the most Eastern
branch lies the continent of Asia ; Westward of the most
"Western is Europe proper. Finally, between the legs
of that earth-dominating Angle, lies the famous kingdom
of Lower Egypt, with the princes of the Angle ; while
on the coast beyond is Kilikia, the land of the Angle;
and further again, but still within the legs of the same
Angle, stretches the immense plain of Scythia, separating
and yet uniting East and West. Upon the Southern
borders of that plain, on the coast of the Black Sea,
according to the ancient traditions of our Sagas, the
ancestors of Odin and of the sea-going race, which still
bears the proud name of Angles, had their pirate home.
And it is not a little remarkable that the same Saga
refers more than once to the boundary line of East and
AVest as passing close by their ancient city upon the
Black Sea, and mentions as their neighbours the tribe of
the Vans, whose name appears frequently upon the
ancient monuments, and is still preserved in the Armenian
lake which lies by that boundary line.

It is strange too, to observe that no sooner are the
records of our ancestors permitted to speak as to their
own history, records incidentally confirmed both by classic
historians, such as Floras, and by the ancient monuments,
than a glimpse of still higher antiquity opens out through
the title of our nation, connecting itself with the wide-
spread symbol of the Egyptian Angle ; and a flood of light
is poured upon our words and customs by reference to
Egyptian sources. Thus the familiar name of Viking, for
which no meaning has been assigned, signifies in Egyptian
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