Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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78 Note on the Sacred Angle. [Cm

by his name. The title of Hersir, or Leader of the
Host, which, as Du Chaillu has pointed out in his valu-
able work, was older than that of the king, bears in the
hieroglyphic (Her-ser) the identical signification of Chief
Organizer. The land of Kent (Khent) * was a territory
of the holy dead, and its hieroglyph was a sail. Nay,
there is scarcely a feature in the strange mythology of
Scandinavia which does not reflect an image more or
less distorted of some portion of the Egyptian Ritual. Or,
to give but one more illustration of a different but equally
curious character, our national shout, " Hip, Hip, Hurra!"
which rises spontaneously though unmeaningly to our
lips, and which is said to be the shout also of the Cossack
dwellers by our ancient home upon the Black Sea, con-
veys in the hieroglyphic (Hep, Hep, Hura), " On, on, to
plunder," the significant cry of our pirate ancestors at
the moment of accomplishment. Strangest of all it is
to think that the last of the Hidden Places of the earth
to be opened to civilized man should have been the tradi-
tional scene of his earliest dwelling-place ; that the source
of the historic river which, by its mighty Angle, traces
out the lines of the first settlement of the globe, should
to-day be the centre of its latest division by the world-
dividing nation of Angles ; and that while the vast lake
which marks the ancient " apex of the earth " bears the
name of the monarch of that race, the Egyptian kingdom
itself should be ruled at the dictation of her ministers.

* Pierrot, in his Hieroglyphic Lexicon, states that Khent means
always to ascend the Nile towards the south, and that the sail is
always deployed; thus answering, in the Path of Light, to the
ascent of the Orbit by the illuminate beneath the open sail of the
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