Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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V.] The Measure of the Great House. 159

the average of the results obtained by the
principal surveys executed since the great
Napoleon opened the dull eyes of Europe to
the inexhaustible treasures of ancient Egypt,
we find that the casing-stone is contained in
the line so measured just 365'25 times, and
consequently in the entire circuit (4x365^)
1461 times. Hence, as the form suggests the

French Commission

... 91G3

Colonel Howard Vyse ...

... 9168

Professor Smyth ......

... 9110

Koyal Engineers, 1st survey

... 9180

2nd „

... 9140

Mr. F. Petrie .........

... 9126

Mean ............ 9140

This length differs therefore from that obtained by Mr.
Flinders Petrie. But, as for some reason, which is not
very clear, Mr. Petrie allows no less than 4A- inches for
each socket to "play," a most extraordinary condition,
surely, in the case of workmanship " equal to the finest
Work of the optician," it is difficult to place our usual
reliance on his accuracy. The average here taken, it will
be observed, of the whole results coincide precisely with
one of the measurements, and also with the mean of the
greatest and least.
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