Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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178 The Mystery of the Depths. [Ch.

instead of 1,375,000 times the distance of the
sun, the number of thousands of hours occupied
by light in reaching us from that star (between
1881 and 1882), will be defined by the number
of polar inches in the continuous floor-line of
the Grand Gallery (1881-2) ascended by the
Illuminate before passing to Sothis ; while
the integral years (21) in the same period
gives the number of the Gates of Aahlu
corresponding to the (21) Stages of Judgment
traversed by him in ascending the same
Chamber of the Splendour.

As we descend yet further towards the outer
world, the Chamber of the Shadow, where
Truth is manifested in darkness, with its Seven
Halls of Death leading upwards from the
Hidden Lintel, and its final projection into
the Place of Light (1561 inches), is measured
by the number of lunations in seven cycles of
eclipse (7x223 = 1561). And finally, as the
Horizon of the Point of Equinox determines
the entrance for the departed to the path of
loading ...