Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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2 14 The Initiation of the Postulant. [Ch.

began. Presently it assumes the form of a
lily, the vignette in the Ritual representing
the head of Osiris enshrined in that flower;
the Godhead manifested in the flesh, coming
forth from immaculate purity. " I am the
pure lily," we read, " coming forth from the
lily of light. I am the source of illumination
(the nostril of the sun) and the channel of the
breath of immortal beauty (Athor). I bring
the messages (of heaven), Horus (the Eternal
Son) accomplishes them." Later the soul
passes into the form of the Uroeus, " the soul
of the earth ; " the serpentine path traced upon
the earth irradiated by the vertical sun, as
the senses are irradiated by the supreme
illumination of the soul.

And finally it assumes the semblance of a
crocodile; becoming subject, that is, to the
passions of humanity. For the human passions,
being part of the nature wherein man was
originally created, are not intrinsically evil,
but only become evil when insubordinate to
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