Alberti, Leon Battista
Della architettura di Leon Battista Alberti libri 10, della pittura libri 3 e della statua libro 1 / The architecture of Leon Battista Alberti in ten books, of painting in three books and of statuary in one book (uebers. von Cosimo Bartoli und Giacomo Le — London, 1726 [Cicognara, 378]

Page: VIII
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His Royal Highness the Prince os'Wales, &c.
Her Royal Highness the Princess os Wales, &c.
His inofl Serene Highness the Duke a/Modena, &c<
His inofl Serene Highness the Duke os Parma, &c<

DUKE os S.Albans, Capt. rfbit Majejlys Band
of Gentlemen 'Pen/loners and Kt. os the Moji
Noble Order os the Garter.
7)uke os Ancafter and Keitevcn Ld. Great Chamber*
lain os England
Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, Maslerosthe Ordnance
and Kt. os the Moji Noble Order os the Garter
Ilari os Arran, Chancellor of the Univerftty of Oxsord,
Earl os Abingdon
Sir John Atistin, 'Bart.
Sir John Anftruther, 'Bart.
Sr. Henry Astiurfr, Bart.
Honourable Richard Arundell, Esq;
Andrew Archer, Esq-,
Thomas Archer, Esq;
Monssignor Aldobrandino Archil•escGi'O di Rodi Nunzi'?
ApostoUco a Madrid
Sfa. Attilio Ariolti
Mr. Gabriel Appelby Carpenter
Mr. Dav. Audllcy, Thijterer.


T)itch. os Buckingham and Normanby
ZktJke of Bedsord
£>//&> 0/Bridgewatcr one of the Lords os his Majejiys
Earl of Burlington Two Setts, one large paper.
Count Bothmar
Sir Roger Bradssiaigh, Bart.
Sir Orlando Bridgman, Bart.
Hon. James Bertie, Efq-,
Hon. Henry Bertie, Efq;
Brigadier Gen. Bifl'et
Robert Briftow, Efq; Clerk Comptroller of his Ma*
jeftys IJouJJjold
Col. Blathwayr.
Col. Bougard os the Tower
Col. Martin Bladen
"Wal. Bagnali, Esq-,
Will.Bord, Esq-,
Brook Bridges, Efq-,
^Villiam Bcnson, Esq;

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