Alberti, Leon Battista
Della architettura di Leon Battista Alberti libri 10, della pittura libri 3 e della statua libro 1 / The architecture of Leon Battista Alberti in ten books, of painting in three books and of statuary in one book (uebers. von Cosimo Bartoli und Giacomo Le — London, 1726 [Cicognara, 378]

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The Names os the &ihscribers.


Earlos InchiqninKt.ofthcM<Jl Hot:.Order os the Bath,
James Jove, Esq;
Andrew Jelfc, Gent.
'Mr. Thomas James os tbe Toiler
Mr. John Jenner, Bricklayer
Mr. ì'.ell Jones
Messiems William dnii John tnnys,«/London>jst;r>iv/s//ir.r

"Bull os Kinglton, Lord Trhy Still and Kt. os the
Moji Noble Order os the Garter, deceased
Dule o/Kent Kt. of the Moli Noble Order of tin Garter^
tzno Setts, one large paper
L. sise. Kcrty
Col. Kirke
)>Ir. Thomas Knight, joyner
Mr. Thomas Knap, Merchant
r^j5n>Ct. trs^Lzss iA- . —
Earl os L'mcoh Conssableos tbcTovter and Ki. os tit
Mojl Noble Order of the Garter
Lord Bijli. 0/London,
Lord lise. Lynnngton
LordVlsc. Lymerick
Peter Lcgh of Lyme, Esp.
Richard Lockwood, Esq;
John Laws, Esq;
Will. Lock, Esq;
Cap. Lloid
Mr. Henry Lighbird, Jfin.
Mr. Robert Legh
T)t>fo of Montague, Majier os bis Majesiys Greatss'ard-
robe> Kt. os the Mojl Koble Order os the Garter, and
Great Majier os tbe Moft Hon. Order os the Satù
Duke of Mancherter, Kt. os tue imjl Bon. Order os tbe
Euri os Marchmont
Earl os Montrath
Earl os Macclesfield
Hon. 'Beuj. Mildmay, Esq-, tew Setts
Sr. Philip Meadows, Han.
Sig. Cav. Pietro Gioseppe Migliorucci
John Merill, Esq,
Thomas Milncr, Esq;
Mr. John Mist his Majesiys Ta-vhr.r
Mr. John Montigny
Mr. Richard Marston, Joyner
Mr. Will. Mears Hoolsèller, two Setts-
Ast". John Midford, Merchant
Mr. George Mercer, Mason

Duke os Norfolk, Earl Marjhal and Hereditary Mar-
Jlial of Kngland
"Dulie os Ncwclitlc me of bis Majesty's 'Principal Se-
cretaries of State and Kt. os the Mojl Noble Order os
tbe Garter

Xssrv/North and Grey
Hugh Nalli, IJq-
Mr. John Nod Statuary
Mr. John Ncalc, Carpenter

Earl of Orkney Kt. 'of the Mosi Noble Order of rht
Earl os Oxsord and Mortimer
Earl os Orrery
Lord Onssow
Sr. Adolphus Onghton, Ki. and Barr,
Crew OHley, Esq;
John Ozell, Gent, three Setts.

Duke os Portland Governor of tbe IJland ofJamaica:
Earl os Peterbourough and Monmouth, General os all
the Marine Forces, and Kt. os the Mojl Noble Order
os tbe Garter
Marquis os Puozzo Bueno, Jmbassador of Spain Kt,
os tbe lion. Order of S. Jago
Lord Paget one os the Lords os the "Bed-chamber to his
Rotai Higbnejs tlje 'Prince os Wales
Lord Percivat
Hon. Henry Pelham, Esq-, one os the Lords CommiJJtoners
os tbe Treasury and Secretary at War
Hon. William Poulteney, Esq;
Col. Pager
John Pcreine, Esq;
Mr. Thomas Phillips, Carpenter
Mr. John Pottor, Carpenter
Mr. John Pott

Duke os Qucenibury and Dover

Dulie os Roxburgh Kt. os the Mojl Nolle Order os the
Dulie os Rutland, Kt. os the Most Noble Order of the
Duke os Richmond, Kt.ostbe Mojl Hon. Order of the'
Earl of Radnor
Sr. John Rnssiout, Bart.
Claudio Re, Esq; Repdent os Parma.
Gios. Riva, Esq; Rejidelit os Modena
John Rich, Esq; Majier os theTbeatre Royal in Lincoltis
Inn Fields
John Rowley, Gent.
Sig. Pan. Ant. Rolli
Mr. Thomas Ridge, Taper Merchaijf
Mr. Thomas Robinibn
Mr. James Richards, Carver

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