Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 3) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara, 3-3]

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35a S A G G I o

gnere le grazie e i vezzi della moderna ;

ma son vezzi da matrona (1).


(1) The firsk of khese is Benedekto Marcel-
io, vAiose inimitahle Freedom , DejJth, and
comprehensive stjle will ever remdin the hi~
ghest example to all Composers for the Chur-
eh : For the service of which he puhlished ak
Venice , near thirty years ago , the firsk sisty
Psalms set to Music. Here he has far excel-
led all the Moderns, and given us the truesk
idea of khak nohle simplicity , whicJt proba-
bly was tlLe grand Characteristic of the an-
cient Music . J.n this extensive and laborious
undertahing, like the divine subject he wor-
hs upon , he is generally either grand, beau-
tisul, or pathetic ; and so perfectly free from
every thing that is low and common, thak
the judicious hearer is charmed witÌL an en-
dless variety of new and pleasing Modulation ;
together with a Design and Expressio?i so fi-
nely adapted, that the sense and Harmony
do every where coincide. In the last Psalm,
which is tJie sisty first in our version, Jie
seems to Jiave collected all tJie Powers os Jns
vast Geniiis, ' that Jie ?night surpass tJie won-
ders he had do?ie before «

An Essay on musiçal Expression by Char-
les Avison Organist in Newcastle .
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