Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 4) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara, 3-4]

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yerso sciolto, come a tutti è noto, egli pre-
se a cantar la disubbidienza e la caduta del
primo uomo, e dettò quel poema, al qua-
le se altri forse ricusa, dice TAddisono, il


by tJie use of some famous modern poets, car-
ried away by custom; but much to their own
vexation , hindrance , and constraint to express
many things obherwise , and for the most part
worse , than else they would have express
them . Not without cause therefore some both
îtalian and Spanish poets of prime note ha-
ve rejected riiyme, botJi bi longer and sJior-
ter worJiS ; as Jiave also long since our best
EnglisJi tragedies ; as a thiiig of itself. to
all judicious ears, trivial, and of no true
musical deligJit : wJiicJi consists only in apt
jnembres, fit c/uantity of syllabes , and tJie
sense variousJy drawn out firom one verse in-
to another; not in tJie jingling souncl ofi liJie
endings; a fiault avoided by tJie learned an-
cients both in poetry, and all good oratory.
TJns ?ieglect then of' rJiyme so little is to be
taJien for a defect, ( tJiougJi it may seevi so
perhaps to vulgar readers ) tJiat it ratJier is
to be esteevi d an example set, tJie first w,
englisJi t ofi ancient liberty recover d to Jieroic

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