Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 4) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara, 3-4]

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lïmnîcazione degli spiriti ne viene un gran-
dissimo bene , quando le materie del tras»-
fîco sien buone e ben condizianate ; un
gTandissimo male ne puà aitresi yenire ^ se-
le materie dei traffîco non sieno altrimen-
•ti sane ? o in qualunque modo corrotte . II
contagio si appicca facilmente, e serpe di-


an Anthor , forms several Reflections that
are peculiar to his own manner of ThinMng ;
so that Conversation vill naturally furnish
iis with Hints , which we did not attend to ,
and malie us enjoy other Mens Parts and
Reflectians , as weil as our own . This is the
hest Reason I can give for the Ohservation
which several have Made that Men of great
Genius in the same way of writîng seldom
rise up singly but at certaùi Periods of Ti~
ine ajypear together, and in a Body ; as they
did at Ptome in the reign of Hugustus, and
in Greece ahout the age of Socrates , 1 cam
not think that Corneilie , Racine , Boileau ,
la Fontaine, Bruyere , Bossuet, or the Da~
ciers , would have written $o well as they
have done , had they not heen friends and
contemporaries .

Spectator N. 4°9- Q, Yol, YX.

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