Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 8) — Venezia, 1792 [Cicognara, 3-8]

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penso, coinprarlo per la Regina Maria, e
susseguentemente passato cli Olanda in Ye-
nezia in mano deirAvogadri famoso cara-
bista, fu stimato dai pittori almeno un mil-
le doppie. Finalmente venuto per testamen-
to di cletto Avogaclri in Casa Delfino era
valutato tre mila zeccliini, come ne assicu-
ra un viaggiatore Inglese, di cui non le sa-
rà forse cliscaro legger qui appresso le sue

At the Paìcizzo Delsino is an achnirable
piece of ILolbein . 'Tis called sir Thomas
More, and his family ; bnt how truly, I
Know not. The face is somewhat fuller than
those I have elsewhere seen of him by the
same Author; antl I think in other respects
disserentfrom them . Besides how the Children
represented in this picture suit with the ac~
count of his family, I cannot tell. In the
principal part of this picture stands the bles-
sed T' irgin with the bambino in her arms,
which is done in a wonderfull easy natural
attitude; on one side is Sir Tornas himself
( is it be ) Kneeling; by him are his two sons;
one of them Kneels, the other, who is an
Infant, is standing nakecl supportecl by his

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