Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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find a substitute for the contests of the past in the ath-
letic championships of South Germany.

* *

Our expansion does not lie in one direction only.
Three Tennis Courts are being laid down in the field
and will, it is hoped, be finished before the Easter holi-
days. The work when completed will include a Running
Track round the Football Ground. This addition to our
summer sports will be very welcome. Rowing has al-
ready commenced and there is every prospect of a
successful season.


This term we were so unfortunate as to be visited by
illness, three cases of scarlatina occurring. The principals
with characteristic promptitude took every means to ex-
tirpate the 'fons et origo malorum'. The whole school
was transported for a fortnight to the Hotel Krone at
Auerbach, and meanwhile the College buildings were
thoroughly disinfected. It is almost superfluous to add
that the measures were entirely successful, and that the
microbes died a speedy death from starvation or sulphur.
An account of our experiences at Auerbach will be found
on a later page.

Carnaval ä Heidelberg.

Un comite" des fetes existe ä Heidelberg, et des le
mois de Janvier il fait une propagande serieuse afin de
stimuler le zele, faire naitre l'entrain et, probablement,
delier les cordons des bourses pour les fetes du Car-
naval. Tous les ans une cavalcade est organisee, et je
dois avouer que celle de cette annee ne m'a pas emer-
veille. En depit de tous ses efforts je crois que le co-
mite ne reussit pas ä rendre la foule enthousiaste, et,
pourtant, l'Allemand sait rire et aime ä rire. Est-ce-
que le Carnaval ne serait pas populaire ici? On lance
bien quelques Serpentins, mais vous ne verrez pas de
ces batailles de confetti auxquelles j'ai assists, et meme
ai pris part clans quelques villes de France : on jette ces
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