Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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"Old Heidelbergs" Dinner.

The time was Saturday evening, 13th Jan. 1906;
the place, the Trocadero. The "Old Heidelbergs" as-
sembled for their thirteenth Annual Dinner under the
Chairmanship of the genial Dr. Holzberg, Co-Principal with
Mr. A. B. Catty of the well-known Heidelberg College.

Let me here digress for a moment to say that a
visit to South Germany in the Spring gave me an oppor-
tunity of inspecting the College on the Neckar, which
I had known quite in its infancy — the College, not the
Neckar. I can honestly say that I was lost in amaze-
ment and admiration at the greatness of the development
and the completeness of the arrangements, scholastic and
domestic. Truly the lot of the "young Heidelbergs"
should be a happy one.

And to judge by the tone of the "old Heidelbergs"
it is, for their enthusiam with regard to their old School
is unbounded. Only, somehow, they did not assemble
in any very great numbers on this Saturday, and a variety
of reasons were offered: some said it was the 13 th of
the month, others the thirteenth annual dinner, but the
majority favoured the General Election as the unjust
cause or impediment which kept people away. There
were in all some forty present.

After the King's health, proposed in most eulogistic
terms by the Chairman, had been drunk, Mr. McCowan
proposed the toast of "Heidelberg College". After la-
menting the absence of a more fit person to propose
the toast, he proceeded to show that he himself was
eminently fitted to do so. Without going into details,
Heidelberg College is constantly going forward: additions
are always being made, and the all-round efficiency re-
flects the greatest credit on the Principals. The speaker's
days there were the pleasantest time of his whole life,
and he would very much like to go back.

The Chairman, before returning thanks, read some
telegrams that he had received from well-wishers; from
Mr. Catty in the name of all then at Heidelberg College:
from Baron von Zwackh-Holzhausen; from an Old Boy,
Macdonald, in Hannover; and from the sister of a boy
formerly at the College. After thanking the proposer
for his kind words, the Doctor told us that in the last
loading ...