Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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"Old Heidelberg Magazine" to which every one should
subscribe, as it gave all the news of the College. He
concluded by expressing his sense of indebtedness.

This concluded the speeches; the rest of the even-
ing was given up mainly to talking about old days. We
had a few songs, but the great feature was the clever
conjuring of an "Old Heidelberg", Lieutenant H. L.
Branson who did the most wonderful things with cards
and billiard balls and lumps of sugar, all at the very
closest quarters, without any one's getting an inkling
of 'how it was done'.

The witching hour of midnight approached and we
went down-stairs, to come back from reminiscences of
a very delighful past to the stern realities of the present,
for in the vestibule the word was going round, "Bal-
four's beaten".

Report of the Christmas Dinner

by a

Prejudiced Reporter.

Your Reporter introduces himself as "prejudiced"
to disarm the cold-blooded critic, for this Report is not
written for such. Who wants a Report of the College
Christmas Dinner? Just those who were present to
remind them of the pleasant time, friends who were ab-
sent and desire to know how their friends spent their
Christmas, and possibly some who hope to be present
at the Dinner some other Christmas and are inquisitive
as to the rites observed. To these then your Reporter
addresses himself. His prejudice arises from a long series
of attendances at successive Christmases and perhaps
from the hope to be present frequently in the future.

First a word to the entirely uninitiated as to the
nature of this solemn occurrence. The Dinner is com-
pounded as follows. Take ninety-nine parts of an Eng-
lish Christmas dinner, ninety-nine parts of a German
Christmas dinner, compound them and extract all that
is best, add an unlimited quantity of youthful enthusiasm
tempered by the merest flavour of discipline, and the
product is the Heidelberg College Dinner.
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