Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Fauresmith, O. R. C, 10. 2. 1906.

My dear Dr. Holzberg,

I don't know what you must think of me for not
having written before, but the fact is I have very little
time to myself. We work from Sunrise till Sunset one
week and from Sunset till Sunrise the next week, and
when you have finished your Shift you feel more like
going to bed than writing letters. The work is all out
of doors and I always console myself by sa3'ing that
it is very health}'; when you are on day Shift you are
burned by the sun and on night Shift you are nearly
frozen. There are very few Englishmen working the
mine; most of the workmen, of course, are Dutchmen.
In this country we always call "Boers" Dutchmen, and
proper Dutchmen we call Hollanders. Then there are
a lot of Irishmen, Danes and in fact a regular mixture
of natives. I was in Basutoland about a month ago.
I rode there from Jagersfontein. It is a fine country and
ought to be a white man's country. I expect it will be
before long and the sooner the better. It is not right
that the Kaffirs should have the best part of the country.
I was lucky in buying a very nice pony while I was
there. I say lucky because in a general way you cannot
buy them. The Basutos do not want money. They will
only exchange for cattle. Many is the time I have
thought of Heidelberg College, and when I have been
on "trek", not being able to get even a drink of water,
how I have longed for a glass of German beer. I sup-
pose the Seniors still flock to Haeberlein's and the Juniors
to the Conditorei of an afternoon. How I should love
to be at the College again, as a Boy, when the only
troubles you have are, when you have done your German
exercise in twenty minutes and Mr. Walter has his eye
on 3'ou, as your last exercise was only 4.

Yours very sincerely,

Arnold B. Parker.
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