Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was when Mr.
Catty showed nie Frank now a sturdy young chap of 14 with
two younger brothers, and when the Doctor introduced
me to Frau Dr. Holzberg and young Leo, who is such a
ripping little chap.

1 took a room of the old Frau Armbruster, who
made me as comfortable as possible, and here I am
after the jolliest two months I have spent for ages. I
was treated so kindly and so hospitably by the Doctor,
Mr. Catty, Masters and Boys, that when they all dis-
appeared like some wonderful conjuring trick to Auer-
bach (the management of this shows the Doctor and
Mr. Catty capable of commanding any Army Corps in
India) I had to go too, and a jollier time is hard to
dream of. I am staying on till the end of the term, as
I cannot tear myself away from the College surround-
ings, and I should like to take this opportunity of thank-
ing very deeply the Doctor and Mr. Catty for being so
exceedingly kind and hospitable to me, and the Masters
and Boys for being so charming and jolly to an Old
Boy, during his stay here. I am sure Old Boys will be
delighted to hear that the present Boys proved their
mettle by winning the last football match against Neuen-
heim College under the very able Captaincy of A. S.
Campbell, the "giant".

I wish the Directors, Masters and Boys of Heidel-
berg College the very very best of luck in the future
and beg to remain,

Yours very gratefully,

Lionel H. Branson, Lieut.,

110 th Mahratta L. I.

Our Debating Society.

The Fourth Meeting took place on Sunday No-
vember 19 th to consider the Hon. M. for Portsmouth's
Motion that, "The Association Rules of Football were to be
preferred to the Rugby Code". In introducing his motion
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