Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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a connoisseur in the art of catering, he having seemed
to anticipate the necessary variety of our daily diet to
a nicety. But to life at Auerbach let us turn. Lovely
valleys, health giving hills are there in plenty, and
through the one and over the other we daily wended
our ways and made the whole place gay with youthful
spirit — even sober pedagogues threw off somewhat of
their despotic air and became rejuvenated. Various were
the excursions taken and few places in the neighbour-
hood were left unexplored. First came the Auerbach,
Melibocus and Alsbach walk, and in this nearly all —
seniors and juniors — joined, and were well repaid by
the views obtained from the different points of vantage.

After this preliminary training a more ambitious
outing was thought of, and the Seniors one day essayed
a tramp across the snowclad hills to Lindenfels. On
the walk thither much sport was indulged in, the mem-
bers of the party, one and all, making their shadows
in the snow by lying prone thereon and diving head
foremost or jumping into the drifted reefs. After lunch
and an exploration of the Lindenfels Castle the home-
ward journey of twelve miles was taken by a different

One paperchase was held and though the hares
were not caught yet the hounds did a meritorious per-
formance in following to the bitter end.

Evenings were given up to song and dance, ping-
pong and billiards, cards and yarning, and altogether
time sped in a most happy and pleasant manner until
the 24th, when we returned to the College and were
met at dinner by the jovial face of the Doctor.

Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. Catty for
his earnest endeavours to see that each and everyone
enjoyed himself at the proper time, and the visits of
Mrs. Catty were thoroughly appreciated by all.
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