Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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The team was as follows: —
Back: Lake.

3/4's: Smithers, Walter, Foote, Richards.
V«'s: Herr Michael, Currie.

Forwards: H. E. Hale, Esq., W. Wilson, Esq., Camp-
bell, Weymouth, Brown, Simson, Stephens, Crossby.

Heidelberg College v. Neuenheirn College.

Unusual interest attached to this match, played on
March 10 th, since it was to be the last of the long
series of struggles between the two Schools. The re-
sult was by no means a foregone conclusion, and it is
satisfactory to be able to record a win. But in many
respects the game was full of disappointments. Our
forwards more than held their own throughout the
match, and in fact, except for a few brief interludes,
the game was entirely in the Neuenheim "twenty-five".
Neuenheim had adopted a pseudo-New Zealand forma-
tion, which weakened their scrum and congested four
of their outsides in a little cordon in the centre of the
field. Almost every time our forwards secured the ball,
but the outsides seemed to lack combination. The s/4's
certainly stood too far forward and in passing were far
below their usual form. The halves passed too much
to the blind side of the scrum in the first half, and in
the second were too often content to draw four or five
of the opposing outsides without getting rid of the ball.

After the kick-off, the Neuenheim forwards rushed
the ball to our end. Currie relieved, and the game
settled down in the centre of the field. Shortly after,
W. H. Robinson intercepted a pass and looked dangerous,
but was pulled up by Dunning. The game now returned
to the centre, but a useful kick by Walter soon after
sent the ball into touch near the Neuenheim line. A
series of scrums followed, and from one of these Stewart
feinted and passed to J. B. Robinson, the movement ending
in a try by W. H. Robinson near the touch line. The
kick failed and a series of scrums followed in the Neuen-
heim "twenty-five". Shortly before half-time the Neuen-
heim 3/4's secured the ball for the first time and gained
some ground. A free kick in favour of Neuenheim fol-
lowed. W. H. Robinson failed to field the ball, and,
loading ...