Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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died on February 20th of enteric fever. We take this
opportunity of offering our sincerest sympathy and con-
dolence to his relatives and friends.

R. K. Knight, St. Lawrence, Green Bank, Penzance.

Charles Steele, Lieut. 13 th Hussars, Trimulgherry, Dec-
can, Brit. India.

Dr. Garrett, Marsden, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast,

R. F. Chisholm, H. M. S. Kestrel, Channel Squadron.

A. B. Parker, Jagersfontein Mine, Jagersfontein, Orange
River Colony, South Africa.

E. C. Green, Clifton Rise, York.

Max W. Elmenhorst, Oberleutnant, z. S., Marine Post

Bureau, Berlin.
J. M. Misick, I. P. S., Rawal Pindi, Brit. India.

B. Hennah, Esq., Winton House, Winchester.

Owing to circumstances we were compelled to move
camp to Auerbach, where we spent a very splendid

Owing to the circumstances mentioned above we
were only able to play two football matches this term,
those of Neuenheim College and the Akademischer, both
of which we are glad to be able to credit in our favour.


New Adresses.

School Notes.

We have to thank Lieut. Branson for a very plea-
sant evening on Sunday, March nth, when he treated
us to a sleight-of-hand entertainment.
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