Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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with a beautiful Challenge Cup for the Nippers' Race,
last Christmas.

This Challenge Cup will be a lasting souvenir of
a very pleasant and highly respected Pupil of the Col-

Best thanks to our much esteemed contributor, poe-
tical A. F. F., with fervent requests that her "one weak
spot" will not be eradicated for a long time to come
to our universal delight and benefit.

Our best thanks are due to G. M. Weil for pre-
senting us again with three beautiful books for our
School Library; also to N. G. Parker for adding four
more volumes to our collection.

H. E. U. Buttanshaw has passed into Haileybury
College, Herts. The Examination Papers were sent over
to the College by the authorities and he did his exa-
mination during the temporary stay of the School at

We were favoured with the following visitors this term :
L. H. Branson, Lieut, noth Mahratta L. I.; Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell; Mrs. Compton-Smith ; F. Schölte; Max
W.Elmenhorst, Oberleutnant z. S., I. G. N.; Col. Grif-
fith and Mrs. de Burgh Griffith.

The following have acted as School Officials this term:
Captain of the School: A.S.Campbell.
Captain of School House: C. Spratley.

Games Club Committee:

Senior House: A. S. Campbell, D. Simson, M. Smi-

thers, H. Walter.
School House: C. Spratley, F. W. Hudson, R. Scri-

Alt-Heidelberg Committee:

Senior House: A. S. Campbell, H.N.Stephens, Prince

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