Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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On the subject of "Freis"!

Dear Mr. Editor,

To my surprise
Our seniors request me to write upon "Freis",
Beg me to point out the various whys
Wherefore you kindly must list to their sighs.
True you have harkened ofttimes to their cries,
Given a half for the Carnival guys,
Also a half for tobogganing tries,
And one for the Kaiser so honoured and wise.
True a delicious report also flies
Training for sports means a whole lot of "Freis".
To state their case briefly, for sure the time flies,
The boon that they ask in a nutshell it lies
(I fear it will cause you to open your eyes)
Now will you not grant them a half week of Freis?

Mr. Editor, now I will say my Good-byes,
Perhaps you or others will send some replies
We bid you farewell — and, as hope never dies,
We hope this will bring us a half week of "Freis".

One in the Senior House.

Old Boys' Colours.

Hat ribbons with the College Colours for Old Boys,
may be obtained from the College at the price of 2/6
per length.


Dear Sir,

Might a print of the Boating "four" appear in the
Summer and another of the Football XV in the Winter
number of Alt-Heidelberg.

Yours, etc.,

Vox populi.
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