Angell, Samuel
Sculptured metopes discovered amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Selinus in Sicily by William Harris and Samuel Angell in the year 1823 — London, 1826

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The interesting objects of ancient art which form the subject of
the following memoir, were discovered by Mr. William Harris
and Mr. Samuel Angell, Architects, in the course of a pro-
fessional tour of Sicily, in the year 1823.

The drawings of the sculptures (with the exception of
Plate viii.) were made by Mr. Harris, but his premature
death having deprived him of the satisfaction which he would
have had in presenting them to the public, that duty has de-
volved on his fellow traveller and coadjutor in the discovery, in
concurrence with Mr. Thomas Evans, the brother-in-law of
Mr. Harris, who, out of respect to his deceased relation, and
as representing his right to the drawings, has joined in the pub-

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