Angell, Samuel
Sculptured metopes discovered amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Selinus in Sicily by William Harris and Samuel Angell in the year 1823 — London, 1826

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pole of the car. Many parts of the sculpture appear to have
. been painted ; an ornamental girdle on the figure of the youth,
the pole of the car, and the harness of the horses, were coloured

It is much to be regretted that, in consequence of the very
imperfect state of this metope, no very satisfactory explanation
of its sculpture has yet been offered : several subjects have been
proposed as being applicable1. In order, however, to assist any
suggestions as to the subject represented, it should be here re-
marked, that some fragments belonging to the other central
metope were found, corresponding both in size and style to those
of the metope now under consideration. From this circum-
stance it is forcibly conjectured that the two sculptures had re-
lation to each other; admitting which, we are inclined to think
that the subject represented might have been the celebrated race
of Pelops and CEnomaus, and that this metope represents Pe-
lops with his attendant grooms just preparing for the course,
while the figure of CEnomaus in his car might have been the
subject of the adjoining metope. We learn from Fausanias

' The Car of Apollo, I'liaeton attended liy liis Sisters, the Triumph of a victor at the
(■ami's, Castor and Pollux returning with Helen to Sparta. Ainpliiaraus and Peace carry-
ing the hoy Pluto, (Pans, in Atticis c. vin.) Krirhthmiiiis, nlm, according to Virgil, was
the first who drove with four horses, and, according to Mamilius, was for that invention
honoured with a place unions the heavenly todies.

" Primus Erichihonins currus, ct qnatuor ausus
Jungerc equos lapidisque rotis insistcrc victor."

" Quern curru priimim voli lantern Jupiter alto
Quadrijugis conspe\it eipiis, cujKkjik.' sacravit."

Mamij.. lib. i. p. 12. Edit. Scalig.
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