Glasgow Archaeological Society [Hrsg.]
The Antonine Wall report: being an account of excavations, etc., made under the direction of the Glasgow Archæological Society during 1890 - 93 — Glasgow, 1899

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the antonlne wall report.


11. 31 inches up, \ inch thick.

12. 35 „ \

13. 38 „ \

14. 40 „ I

15. 42 „ i

16. 44 „ \

17. 47

18. 50 „ I

19. 52

The nineteenth is 7 inches from the upper surface. On the
south, the ends of the lines project about 3 inches near the base,
but are in general so nearly perpendicular that the end of the
thirteenth black line is only 5 inches within the plumb-line of
the outside of the kerb. This is found to be the same on both east
and west faces of the cutting. On the north face, the vallum has
fallen away more than on the south, so that the batter cannot be
judged there with any degree of exactness.

As now cut, the ditch is 38 feet wide, and this appears to be
approximately the original width. Its original shape appears to
have been an unmistakable V. The materials of which the outer
mound is composed are in marked contrast to the earth of the
vallum. Instead of the stoneless red earth of the latter, we have
here a mass of shaly and clayey stuff, to which the soil of the
vallum bears no resemblance whatever, but which has evidently
been excavated from the fosse. There are no layers in the
earth of the outer mound, wherever examined.

Barr Hill.—Section No. 2.

[Section of vallum only.']

This cutting, 85 feet west of the stone dyke, mentioned in
the description of the previous section, is on the descending-
western slope of the first ridge of Barr Hill. The gradient
towards the west at this point is a slight descent, and that to
the south is much the same; while to the north, across the ditch,
the ground begins to fall to southward rapidly. Some mining
operations here have interfered with the general appearance of
the work. The ground has been under cultivation, but, notwith-
loading ...