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The Antonine Wall report: being an account of excavations, etc., made under the direction of the Glasgow Archæological Society during 1890 - 93 — Glasgow, 1899

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1 cm






not so black.

16'3 per cent, of
No. 10 had 13-07.

unhesitating parallelism across the vallum. They occur as

1. On bottom, inch thick.

2. 3 inches up, 1

3. 6 1

4. 9 1

5. 12

6. 14

7. 151
' 8. 18

9. 24
10. 31

Samples were analysed. No. 1 layer had
vegetable matter; No. 5 had 20'45 per cent.
The appearance of this section (and all the Bonnyside sections
are alike in this respect, as the two photographic blocks
opposite will show) is thus in strong contrast to that of the
Seabeg sections. There are no red lines here. The lines are
very black and peaty in character. The one on the bottom
bends over the undulating floor of the base, resting upon the
stone. The lines are protracted beyond the kerbs for rather less
than 6 inches on the north, but not at all on the south. The
berm appears to have had its surface roughly laid with stones
when approaching the edge of the scarp, the top of which has
stones to all appearance systematically laid in, although not
exactly built. One stone, in particular, occupies what seems to
have been the original edge of the scarp—that is, at the angle of
the berm and scarp. For 2 feet down the scarp, other stones of
medium size appear, as if part of a system to consolidate the soil
of the side of the ditch. This same thing is found also on the
other side of the fosse; so that there is good ground for thinking
that both scarp and counterscarp were thus made firmer by this
rough facing of stone. The soil of the scarp and counterscarp
here is in marked contrast to the mossy overgrowth which fills
up the hollow of the ditch, rendering the original face of the
ditch clearly recognisable in the section of scarp and counterscarp.
It makes an unbroken straight slope down the scarp, the white
loading ...