Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

wherever we could do so. The Copts made such havoc in this beau-
tiful temple, that only the lower part of the walls of the upper platform
are left, and the most delicate sculptures were used by them as raw
building material. The excavations have brought to light hundreds of
sculptured blocks, some of which are of remarkably fine workmanship.
Wherever we can do so, we put them back again; but it is not probable
that this kind of work will be carried out on a very large scale. Too
many blocks have disappeared; besides, as they have been scattered by
the Copts all over the temple, we may always expect, as the clearing
goes on, to find something which fits with what was found before, so
that we are obliged to wait till the clearing is finished.

Let us take as a guide the plan made by Mr. Newberry, and begin from
the top of the temple (see Plan). Last year I devoted my time and labour
chiefly to the altar and its surroundings, and I cleared only the upper
part of the court, as far as the wall which divides it from the altar-
chamber, leaving eight or nine feet of rubbish upon the floor. This year
my first work was to clear this right away, and the court is now quite open
down to the pavement. It was here that the greatest number of blocks
were met with, and some of these we hope to restore to their original
places. I was especially bent upon discovering the end of the block
showing the transport of an obelisk ; but although several pieces belong-
ing to the same scene have been recovered, the fragment that I most
desired is not among them, and we have added only a small piece
showing the rudder of the boat. On the pavement are bases of columns,
proving that there was a peristyle round the court. The wall which
leans against the rock on the west will probably have to be taken down.
The part which is nearest to the sanctuary is of the time of Thothmes II.,
with very good sculptures; but it is so very shaky, that the slightest
shock of earthquake, or the fall of a few stones from the mountain,
would ruin it. It must therefore be rebuilt. As for the part which is
next to the entrance to the northern hall of offerings, it has been built
by the Copts with fragments of very valuable inscriptions, and it is quite
possible that there may be some more texts on the side towards the

The northern hall of offerings had been cleared in the first season's
work. Admirable drawings have been made by Mr. Howard Carter of
the sculptures covering the walls, which have thus been copied entire.
We see there gigantic representations of the queen making offerings
to the god Anion, whose figure was erased by Khuenaten and roughly
restored by Eameses II. A wall will have to be built above this
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