Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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Hieroglyphic Studies, &c.


little was found to describe; and we note that most of the inscriptions
thence are from copies by Professor Sayce.

On reaching Ombos we take leave of the Catalogue, a second volume
of which will describe the temple. Meanwhile, Bouriant has published
some of the calendrical inscriptions of the Ptolemaic period, as well as a
record of its re-building by Ptolemy VII.'

El Kab. The tomb of Paheri has been completely published in the
Xlth memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund, by Mr. J. J. Tylor and
the present writer. Some new graffiti from the desert road have been
copied by Mr. G. W. Fraser.8

Gebelen. M. Daressy and Mr. Fraser have described some new finds.

Luxor. A large collection from the temple, comprising the whole of
the sculptures of Amenhotep III., by Gayet,10 and some interesting
extracts of Ramesside date, by Daressy."

Karnak. The last-named scholar publishes texts from the temple of

Western Thebes. Full publications of the tomb of Queen Thyti
(XXth Dynasty) and that of Horemheb (XVIIIth Dynasty), both by
Bouriant; the tombs of Mentnh.erkhepsh.ef (XlXth Dynasty) and Nekht
(XVIIIth Dynasty), by Maspero; the tomb of Neferhotep (XVIIIth
Dynasty), by Benedite ; also a door from the above tomb of Horemheb,
by Ohassinat, from the original now in the Louvre.13

Kuft. From here and from the opposite bank there are some notes of
inscriptions by M. Daressy.14

Tell el Amakna. The publication of Prof. Petrie's discoveries on
the site of the temple and palace of Akhenateu; u and that of the
interesting graffiti in the alabaster quarries of Het-nub, in the desert
behind the city, copied by Messrs. Blackden and Fraser.'6

Beni Hasan. The second volume of our Archaeological Survey
completes the publication of this great group of tombs.

Kum el Ahmar. An inscription from this locality, which lies near
Sharoueh, is recorded by M. Daressy.17

Aunas. M. Naville's publication in the Xlth memoir of the Egypt
Exploration Fund.

Memphis. M. de Morgan has printed a preliminary account of the
great mastaba-tomb of Ptahshepses, which he discovered in the necropolis
of Abusir.1*

Delta. There is nothing to chronicle from this extensive region
beyond the description by M. Naville of the monuments discovered at
Tell Baklieh, Mendes, and Tell Mukdam in our Xlth memoir.
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