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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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By far the most important inscription that has been discovered lately
is that of the tomb of Hei'khuf at Aswan. I am not aware that any
translation of it has appeared in English, though renderings exist in
Italian, French and German. The articles of Erman1 and Maspero have
already settled both text and translation in most of the main points. The
celebrated inscription of Una from Abydos was written somewhat earlier in
the same (Vlth) Dynasty, and the two inscriptions throw so much light
on each other that they should be read together. As no recent English
translation of Una's autobiography exists, a new version of this also may
be appreciated :—

Inscription of Una.

Una's youth under King Teta, founder of the Vlth Dynasty.

" [Una says] I was a child tying the girdle, under the majesty of Teta. My
grade was that of superintendent of stores, and I acted as overseer of the garden
of Pharaoh."

Una appointed judge by Pepy L He assists at trials in the royal harun.

" I was chief of ... . under the majesty of Pepy : his majesty put me into
the position of royal friend and superintendent of the priests of his pyramid,

Behold I was .... and his majesty appointed me judge, and his heart was
satisfied with me more than with any of his servants : I heard cases alone with
the chief justice in every secret proceeding [of the palace 1] .... in the name
of the king, of the royal harim and of the six great houses (of law, etc.), because
the king's heart was satisfied with me more than with any of his officers, of his
nobles, or of his servants.

Royal present of a sarcophagus, <j'c, from the limestone quarries of Tttrrah.

[Command was given] by the majesty of my lord to bring for me a sarcophagus
of white stone from Ra-fu (Turra), and his majesty caused the divine treasurer
to cross over (the river) with a band [of soldiers and artificers] under him to
bring for me this sarcophagus from Ra-fu. He returned with it in the great
transport ship of the palace, together with its lid, and a false door with the jambs
and foundation block: never was this or the like done to any servant. But I was
excellent and I was pleasing in the heart of his majesty, and the heart of his
majesty was satisfied with me.

Appointment as principal judge in the trial of the queen.

Now when I was judge his majesty made me a sole friend and superintendent
of the garden of Pharaoh and .... of the superintendents of Pharaoh's gardens :
and while I was in this position I acted according to his majesty's desire in
loading ...