Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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Hieroglyphic Studies, &c.


the Heruslia at each revolt with these troops, and I acted so that his majesty
praised me for it more than anything. And when it was reported that there were
warriors of this tribe in the " Wild-Goat's Nose " : I sailed in boats with these
troops, and landed at the extremity of the islands (?) of the Height, on the north
of the land of the Herusha : and behold, when this host had marched by land,
I came and smote them all down, and slew every warrior of them.

Una made governor of the whole of Upper Egypt by the next king, Merenra


I was carrier of the chair and sandals in the great house, and the king
Merenra my lord, who lives for ever, appointed me Aft-prince, governor of the
South country, from Abu in the south to .... in the north, on account of my
excellence and pleasantness and the satisfaction of the king [with me]. And while
I was carrier of the chair and sandals his majesty praised me for my watchfulness
and lodjr-guardianship which I displayed in ushering in nobles (?),which exceeded
that of any officer, noble, or servant of his. Never before was this function
discharged by any servant.

I performed for him the office of governor of Upper Egypt to satisfaction, so
that no one there encroached upon his fellow for any work : I paid (?) everything
that is paid to the palace from this Upper Egypt twice over, and every day's
service that is given to the palace in this Upper Egypt twice over ; and dis-
charged my office in such a way that it established a standard of duty (lit. made
the officership making the standard) in this Upper Egypt. Never was the
like done in Upper Egypt before. I acted altogether so that his majesty praised
me for it.

Una commissioned to obtain monuments for Merenra's pyramid from Abhat
and granite from the region of Elephantine.

His majesty sent me to Abhat to bring the sarcophagus called the Box of the
Living Ones, with its cover, and an obelisk, and the costly furniture for my
mistress (?) the pyramid Kha-nefer of Merenra. His majesty sent me to Abu
to bring the granite stela and its base, and the granite doors and jambs, and the
granite doors and bases of the over-ground temple of my mistress (?) the pyramid
Kha-nefer of Merenra. I came down the river with them to the pyramid
Kha-nefer of Merenra with six broad boats, three transports, three eight-oars,
and one war-ship: never was this done, Abhat and Abu (reached with?) one
war-ship, in the time of any of the kings. Everything that his majesty had
commanded me came verily to pass just as his majesty ordered.

An altar from the alabaster quarry of Het-nub.

His majesty sent me to Het-nub to bring a great table of offerings of the
alabaster of Het-nub. I brought him down this table of offerings in seventeen
days, quarrying it in Het-nub, and causing it to float down in this broad boat.
For I had cut for it a broad boat of acacia wood, 60 cubits long, 30 cubits broad,
and built it—-all this (?) in seventeen days, in the third month of harvest, when

loading ...