Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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Hieroglyphic Studies, &c.


Herkhuf is sent to Sethu and Arerthet, going up (the east ? bank of) the river

past Elephantine.

His majesty sent me the second time alone: I started by the way of
Abu and visited the land of Arerthet, namely, Meskher, Terres, and Artheth,
in the space of eight months ; and when I visited it, I brought away products
from this country in great abundance: never was brought such to this land (of
Egypt) from the beginning of time: I visited the residence (?) of the king of
Sethu and Arerthet, and passed through these countries : never was this found to
have been done by any royal friend and superintendent of the frontier who had
gone out to Aam before.

He is sent to Aam, and talcing the desert route by the Oasis, finds that the
Icing of Aam is starting on an expedition against the Libyans.

Moreover, his majesty sent me the third time to Aam. I started from the
Lyeopolite nome (?) by way of Uhat (the Oasis), and I found the prince of Aam,
who was marching to the land of Themeh to smite the Themeh to the west point
of heaven (i.e. due west ?): I went forth after him to the land of the Themeh,
and gratified him (by military assistance or by presents from Pharaoh), so that
he praised all the gods for the king.

His happy return through Sethu and Wauoat down the river to Memphis.

[Then I begged (?) the king of] Aam to cause [a troop of] Aam to follow [me
to Egypt] in order to cause the majesty of Merenra my lord to rejoice [because
I had gone (?)] after the king of Aam. And when I had gratified this king of
Aam, [I returned marching through the countries ?] from Arerthet above to Sethu,
below : and I found the king of Arerthet, Sethu, and Wawat .... in peace
.... with 300 asses laden with incense, ebony, ivory,.......panther-
skins, throw-sticks, and all good gifts: and when the king of Arerthet, Sethu
and Wawat saw .... the troop of Aam that was coming with me to the palace,
as well as the soldiers sent out with me, this prince marvelled, and gave me oxen

and goats...........of Arerthet, on account of my excellence and my

resourcefulness above any royal friend and superintendent of the frontier sent to
Aam before. And when your humble servant was going down the river to the
palace, Una, 'sole friend ' and superintendent of the two baths of the Sun,
was sent up the river with a flotilla laden with sweet liquors, &c, for the
prince, etc., Herkhuf. (The account of this third expedition is still very obscure
owing to the lacunae.)

The above inscription concerns the reign of Merenra; at a later date
there was inscribed on the same tomb the text of a royal letter from his
successor, the boy king, Pepi II., in reference to another expedition,
as follows:—

Copy of the king's own writing (?), the second year, the 3rd month of inun-
dation, the 16th day.

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