Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1893-1894

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Gu-eco-Egyptiax Literary Discoveries.


tlie last few months;21 and in this, while the Egyptian, Coptic and
Greek sections remain substantially the same, the Arabic part, for which
Prof. Karaba9ek himself is responsible, has been very largely increased
and illustrated by facsimiles.

Among detached publications, mention should be made of some
Geneva papyri, edited by Prof. Nicole :22 and of three papyri (now
in the British Museum), containing leases or sales of the early seventh
century, published by Mr. B. P. Greufell33 — a new recruit to the study
of papyri who has earned a cordial welcome.

Looking to the future, there is much to arouse hope and interest.
There is reason to believe that excavations may shortly be possible in
Alexandria itself, the results of which may be extremely important.
Prof. Flinders Petri e has brought back from Egypt a Ptolemaic
papyrus of great size, which contains administrative records of con-
siderable value. It will be edited by Mr. Grenfell, who has also himself
acquired some fragments of literary papyri (Biblical^ and Homeric), all
of which are valuable, and one (an early fragment of aii Origenistic text
of the prophet Ezekiel) extremely so. Prof. Wilcken promises his long-
expected Corpus of Greek ostraka, which will be very welcome ; and the
Grst instalment of the texts of the Rainer papyri is said to be really on
its way at last. Descriptions of all the papyri acquired by the British
Museum, from 1888 to 1893 inclusive, are also in type and will appear
shortly ;2i these will furnish a provisional guide to some 320 papyri
(mostly of the first two and a half centuries of our era, and again of
the middle of the fourth century) which have been acquired since the
date at which the first volume of the Catalogue of Papyri closes. So,
even if the coming year produces no sensational discovery, there is
plenty of work on all sides to be done in the department of Graaco- and
Homauo-Egyptiau literature and history. Quod felix fuustumque sit.

E. G. Kenyon.


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