Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Progress of Egyptology.

El Bikbeh. An inscription of Eameses II., leading Daressy to tho
identification of the site of This (I. c. p. 124).

Ptolemais. Inscriptions of the quarries, Demotic, Greek, Latin and
Coptic. [Mem. de la Miss, arch.franf. viii. livr. 3.)

Opposite Asyut. Inscription of a new king, Hornezatef, son of
Aamu, of the Xlllth Dynasty (I. c. p. 133).

Prom Thebes, east bank :—

Luxor. The great colonnade, with mutilated but interesting pro-
cessional scenes of the age of Horemheb. (Daressy, Mem. de la Miss,
arch, franp, viii. livr. 3.)

Fragments of a stela of Eameses II. (Daressy, Bee. de Tr. xvi.

Karnak. Great temple, description of the scene of tributaries of
Horemheb. (Bouriant, I.e. xvii. 41.)

Temple of Apet. A description intended to be complete, but left
unfinished owing to the death of the author, M. Bochemonteix. (Bib-
liotheque Bgyptologiqne, ceuvres diverses de M. B. pp. 169-318, and pi.
i.-xvi., mostly published now for the first time.)

From the west bank of Thebes :—

Deir el Bahaei. Photographs, &c, of the temple in M. Naville's
introductory Memoir (Xllth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund).

Tomb of Peduamenapt. Several plates of inscription, without letter-
press, in the third (posthumous) volume of Duemichen's publication
of the tomb (Der Grabpalast des Patuamenap, pi. i.-iv. and xxx.-xxxi.).
We appear now to have about two-fifths of the inscriptions, which
are so extraordinarily rich in ritual texts. The rest of Duernicken's
copies unhappily are lost, and if new copies can ever be made, they
will be far less complete, much having been destroyed in recent

Sheikh 'Abd el Qurneh. XVIIIth Dynasty tombs : of May, super-
intendent of the port of Thebes, of various masons, of Zeser-ka-ra-senb,
a scribe of granaries, of Pa-ari, a priest'of Amen, of Zanni, a scribe
of soldiers under Thothmes III., &c. (much destroyed since Cham-
pollion's copy). Tomb of Apuy, sculptor to Eameses II., with
interesting scenes of gardening. Tomb of Mentuemhat, governor of
Thebes, perhaps under Tirhakah, in ancient style revived.' Tomb of
Aba, steward of Netaqert, daughter of Psammetichus I. (all by Scheil,
in Mem. de la Miss. arch, franf. v. livr. 4.)
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