Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Progress of Egyptology.

of Peduainenapt, gives us all tliat existed in pi'int of liis projected works
at the time of the author's death.

Maspero's history has many remarks on geography. Daressy.
places the city of This, important as the capital of a nome and the
reputed birthplace of Menes, at El Birbeh, six miles north of Girgeh.
(Bite, de Tr. xvi. 124.)

Foreign Eelations.

Maspero suggests a connexion between the name of the Syrian chief
Arnuenshi, in the story of Sauehat, and those of certain early kings of
Babylonia, beginning with the element Ammi, Amtnu. (Bee. de Trav.
xvii. 76.)


A second supplement to Simeone Levi's laboriously compiled Voca-
holario Geroglifico-Coptico-Ehraico has appeared. It contains a largo
number of new words from the Pyramid texts. Count Schack-Schacken-
bm'g's elaborate Index to the Pyramid Texts (lithographed, in German)
of which the first part has just appeared, promises to be a thoroughly
scientific work, excellent in every way. It will form three complete
volumes in his series of Aegyptologisclie Studien.

Of grammatical work we have Erman's discovery of a relic of verbal
inflection in the Coptic meshalc, and an article by Spiegelberg, entitled,
" A new kind of nominal formation." Erman has also published a most
curious scrap of a school exercise, with a translation of two sentences
from Middle Egyptian into New Egyptian. (Erman in Zeits. f A. s,
xxxii. 127, 128 ; Spiegelberg in Bee. xxi. 191.)

Professor Piehl has contributed more notes on Egyptian philology
to the Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archseology. (Vol. xvi.)

Of translations we may note Piehl's rendering of an important Saite
stela in the Louvre. (Zeits. f. A. s. xxxii. 118.)

Eeligion and Mythology.

The Book of the Dead is the subject of several publications in English.
Mr. Eenouf continues his translation. Mr. Budge has published a
translation of the Papyrus of Any to accompany the facsimile, with
introductory chapters on some of the principal mythological ideas
involved, as well as lists of gods and place names.

In America has appeared a cheap reprint of Lepsius' and De Eouge's
loading ...