Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


impressed by seeing on her wedding day the shoes worn by the bride in her
childhood : yet still we know, and daily learn more, how close was the connexion
between the Egyptian race and classical antiquity, whether considered in regaid
to the beginnings of Art and Science, or the highly-developed political
organization, or the literary life of Alexandria. In a certain sense, learning
and political economy are as much Egyptian inventions as the pyramids and
obelisks. It was in Egypt that the prototypes of our professors and our financiers
were formed."

In connection with the scheme for the dam at Philae, last year the
terror of archaeologists, but now much less formidable, Captain Lyons
is about to survey the island and its monuments. This winter he intends
to remove the debris round the temples and examine their foundations,
and further to examine and make a detailed plan of the whole site. It
is indeed fortunate that the task has been placed in the hands of an
officer who combines the enthusiasm of an archaeologist with professional

Mariette's museum at Bulaq was in danger of being swept away by
unusually high Niles ; the present museum in the Gezireh palace at
Gizeh would burn like tinder. Now, however, we can congratulate our-
selves that the question of the safety of that priceless collection is defi-
nitely settled. A new fire-proof building is to be erected to contain it, in
Cairo itself, in the Kasr en Nil or European quarter of the town. Its
situation on the river bank will permit of monuments from all parts of
the country being unloaded direct from the barge or steamer into the
museum; and, to the great convenience of travellers, it will be within a
few minutes' walk of the principal hotels. Mr. Garstin informs us that
the working plans are to be completed by the end of the current year :
the work will then be advertised by public tender, so that construction
may be commenced by the beginning of April. In this way the founda-
tion should be completed before the flood and consequent rise of the
sub-soil water in August, 1896. Mr. Garstin estimates that the building
will take two years to complete, and the removal of the monuments from
the present to the new museum will occupy the greater part of another
year ; at any rate, we may hope that the year 1900 will see the collec-
tion housed in safety. The design for the building is a very simple one,
with good passages and high rooms lighted by top side-lights. It has
been entrusted to one of the architects adjudged a prize at the late
competition, and the same person will superintend the construction of
the building.

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