Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1895-1896

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Progress of Egyptology.

columns, forming apparently part of a purely Egyptian temple. (Rev.
Arch. xxix. 124.)

Memoir on Excavations.

Kojotos, by W. M. F. Petrie, is a publication of the results of work at
Coptos in 1893-4, and stands in little need of recommendation. The
plates are excellent, and do full justice to the beautiful work illustrated.
The strange reliefs on the primitive statues of Min are given in photo-
type and in hand copies. It appears that Professor Petrie still prefers
to date Antef V. in the Xlth Dynasty, in spite of Steindorff's arguments
for a XHIth Dynasty date (see below, p. 27). Mr. Hogarth contributes
an important chapter on the Greek and Latin inscriptions.

Publications oe Texts.

Prom specific localities in Egypt the following texts have been pub-
lished :—

Nubia. Professor Sayce has published some graffiti of the age of
Siptah, etc., from the S. temple of Wady Halfeh, excavated by Captain
Lyons in 1892, and inscriptions from the ruined temple of Ranieses II.
at Serra Gharbi, north of Wady Halfeh. He also mentions that the
usual graffiti of the names Mentuhetep and Antef are found at Wady
Halfeh. (Bee. de Trav. xvii. 160 et seqq.)

Prom Upper Egypt, exclusive of Thebes—

Philae. The very obscure hieroglyphic portion of the trilingual
inscription discovered by Captain Lyons, copied by Borchardt, and
checked with a squeeze by Erman and Sethe. Sitz. Berl. Alcad., 1896,
p. 469. Stela of Thothmes II., on Philae road from Aswan, revised copy
from squeeze, Sethe, Uniersuch. p. 81 ; here also the same writer gives
many extracts from Lepsius' papers regarding the monuments of
Thothmes I.—III.

Hassaia, near Edfii. Funerary stelae ; Daressy, Bee. de Trav. xvii.
p. 116.

El Kab. Tomb of Sebeknekht. J. J. Tylor and Somees Clarke,
Wall drawings and monuments of M Kdb, Part II.
Coptos. Many inscriptions in Petrie's Koptos.

From Thebes, east bank—

Karnak. Great temple. Additions and corrections for the inscription
of Thothmes III. Syrian campaign, from an early copy made by James
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