Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Pbogbess oi' Egyptology.

course mainly furnished by the Bhind Papyrus and the Graeco-Egyptian
mathematical papyrus of Ekhmiin.

Some new mathematical fragments are contained in the present writer's

Papyri o/Kahun and Gurul.


PiiOFESSOK Revjllout has published a thick volume of lectures, delivered
at various dates since 1882, on ownership, La propriete, ses demembre-
ments, la possession et lew transmission en droit Egyptien compare aux
autres droits de I'antiquite ; also Notices des papyrus demotiques, archaiques,
et autres tcxtes juridiques ou historiques a partir du regne de Bocchoris
jusqu'au regne de Ptolemee Soter, containing much that is of great
importance : these are translations of a vast number of legal and other
documents, the first of them being a papyrus attributed to the reign of

In Rev. Eg. viii. 1 the same writer treats several hieratic and demotic
texts from the point of view of legal and constitutional history. These
texts are : the letters in the Sallier Papyrus, the demotic prophecies or
chronicle, and the dialogue between a cat and a jackal. Prom copies
given to him by Eisenlohr of unpublished judicial papyri of the time of
the later Rarnessides, Revillout selects three for translation. One of
them contains a criminal process. Another, according to him, gives
evidence : 1st, of a bronze coinage called khallcenen, which he compares
with the Greek word j(akKetov, and with the Roman as (a wonderful
discovery, if true); 2nd, of the actio sacramenti, or staking a forfeit on
the result of an action by each of the parties to it. The third papyrus
concerns the examination of witnesses, and yet another touches on the
corruptibility of functionaries.

Professor Revillout was so long known as the only writer on Egyptian
law that it is a pleasure to find that, in addition to Spiegelberg, a young
Frenchman is now attacking the subject. M. Alex. Moeet has written
an article ou LWppel an roi en Egypte au temps des Pharaons et des
Ptolemees (Congr. Geneva, iv. 141). M.Moret is industrious in collecting
examples of whatever subject he may be discussing, and ingenious in
drawing conclusions from them. When his philological knowledge and
judgment are matured sufficiently to keep his imagination in check, his
contributions will doubtless be of great value.

Manners and Customs.
Wiedemann has written an elaborate article on the game of drafts
loading ...