Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


free for the work in the hypostyle hall. Ehrlich suppressed the ironwork
at the S.E. corner as unnecessary. The wooden shoeing between the two
halves of the pylon (a work which gave much trouble, as the wooden joists
had to be elaborately adapted to the curved and irregular surface of the
walls) was finished by May 14.

" The buttress on the east side was reduced from the original plan, and
has been made 11 m. long and 11.85 m. high. Cement and pebbles were
poured into the crevasses; the overhanging blocks of the lintel were
supported by beams strengthened with iron. On May 23 the winter's
work was closed."

See also an illustrated article in Or. Litt. Zeit. iii. 66, 244.

Mr. Quibell also reports on the progress of the Gizeh Catalogue : —

" MM. Pierre Lacau, C. Edgar, and H. 0. Lange have joined the staff
in place of MM. Chassinat, Quibell, and Beisner, who have resigned.

"Lacau has worked on the sarcophagi of the Middle Empire, Edgar on
Greek and Koinan monuments, while Lange and Schafer have together
made the catalogue of the Middle Empire stelae.

" Von Bissing has worked on faience and stone vases, and on the Aah-
hotep jewellery.

" Considerable changes of plan have been made as to the form in which
the catalogue is to be published. The original plan had been to use
lithography, as in the text of Lepsius' Denkmaler, but it is now decided
that most of the volumes at any rate shall be printed, and that photo-
graphic plates shall be used as much as possible. It is believed that the
shortening of the descriptions will compensate for the extra cost of the
plates. Further, the printing will proceed as rapidly as possible until the
arrears are disposed of. Crum's volume of Coptic, von Bissing's catalogue
of bronzes, and Chassinat's catalogue of the coffins o£ the priests of Amen
are already in the press.

" The moving into the new Museum will necessarily delay the work of
the Catalogue to some degree, but the Director-General will leave series
under study to the last; and the number of cataloguers will be reduced:
no appointment will be made when Lange returns to Copenhagen at the
end of the year."

The report of Prof. Erman to the Berlin Academy on the progress of
the Egyptian Dictionary down to the end of the year 1899, states that
loading ...