Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc. 13

Borchardt, for Berlin Museum : at Abu Sir, and also (in the summer,

1899) at El Lahun (Kahun).
Petrie : at Abydos.
G-ayet: at Sheikh Abadeh (Antinoe').

Beisner, for University of California : at Der, Kuft, el Ahaiwah.
Marquis of Northampton : at Kfim el Ahmar, opposite Minieh.
Steindorff: at Siwa and other oases.

Grenfell and Hunt, for University of California : at Umm el Baragat.
Ahmet Bey Kamal and Yessa Todros : at Der el Bersheh.
Chassinat: at Dendereh.

Barsanti, for Gizeh Museum: at Sakkareh, Zawayet el Aryan.

Copying work was also done by Ck'dat at Meir (in tombs found last year
by Chassinat), and by Davies at Der el Gebrawi, &c.

" The Abu Sir excavations, besides clearing up the plan of the Ba
sanctuary, yielded a great number of inscribed blocks. The number
actually catalogued was above 1300, but a large proportion of these were
single hieroglyphs or portions of signs ; the number of really fine blocks
was about forty. Some of these depicted scenes of the Sed festival; a
partial list of nomes was also of great interest.

" Thirteen fine blocks of these bas reliefs were added to the Gizeh
Museum. It is curious to see from these that the Kom el Ahmar maces
also evidently depict Sed festival scenes.

" Gayet, at Antinoe, obtained a certain number of fine plaster headpieces
from mummies of Roman period.

" Reisner, Lythgoe, and Green searched the desert above Kuft for the
cemetery of the city, but without success; they obtained some evidence for
the belief that the dead of Kuft were buried just outside the city in
ground now covered by cultivation. On the high desert, a camp where
dints were worked was found, and elaborate maps were made by Mr.
Green. At Der el Ballas, tombs and houses and the foundations of some
large brick building were dug out; no sensational discoveries were made,
but the elaborate care bestowed on the common objects found will probably
result in some additions to knowledge. At El Ahaiwah a small cemetery
of the archaic period has been examined.

" Ahmet Bey Kamal found at Dei- el Bersheh, in the well-known group
of tombs, some wells untouched in modern times. From one of these
(which I had the fortune to see on the day it was opened) two large coffins
of the massive wooden type of the XHth Dynasty, a box for canopic vases
and no less than eighteen model boats were obtained. From another well
came two wooden statuettes of nude negresses of a curious bow-legged type,
loading ...