Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


of the Peasant, Dialogue of a Life-weary Man with his Soul, the
Building of the Temple of On by Usertesen I. There are also important
samples of medical works, a mathematical fragment, a legal fragment of the
Old Kingdom, a civil process of the New Kingdom, letters, including one of
the Old Kingdom, &c, and in demotic a table of the positions of the stars
in the signs of the Zodiac 17 b.c.—10 a.d., and legal documents.

Wiedemann reviews Max Muller's Liebespoesie in Or. Litt. Zeit.
ii. 298 : Erman reviews Griffith's Kdhun Papyri in the Deutsche Littera-
turzeitung, 1900, 36.

Max Mdller, re-translating GolenischefPs papyrus of the Voyage of
Unuamon, questions whether the voyage is fictitious, but decides that the
document relates to a real journey. Mitt. d. Vorderasiatisch. Ges. 1900, 1.

Griffith, Stories of the High Priests of Memphis, discusses the story
of Sethon in Herodotus and translates two demotic tales of Setne (Sethon ?)
Khamuas, son of Rameses II. The first of these is well known, the second
is here published for the first time.

Groff, Rec. de Trav., xxii. 41, discusses, perhaps over-ingeniously, the
personages in the first story of Setne Khamuas. He correctly reads in
the colophon " year xv." instead of "yearxxxv."; ib. xxi. 219 he attempts
to equate names in demotic texts with " Jannes and Jambres."

The facsimile of the great papyrus of proverbs of the Leyden Museum
{Mons. Eg. a Leide, Uvr. 34) is accompanied by a short introduction written
by Prof. Pleyte and Dr. Boeser, in which they point out some of its
main features. It is divided into chapters, the number of proverbs in
each being generally recorded. It was written, apparently, in the first
century a.d. Unfortunately, the translation is a matter of extreme
difficulty. The Leyden collection has been long pre-eminent for great
demotic papyri of the Roman period, and the directors must be con-
gratulated on having secured so important an addition to the collection.
The name of the author or scribe is given in a colophon at the end as
" Phibis, son of Zet-her-paan " (wrongly read in Or. Lilt. Zeit. iii. 268).

Natural History and Science.

The interest of scientific men in the origin of the breeds of domestic
animals seems to be notably increasing. The remains found associated with
Lake dwellings in Switzerland seem to have impelled the zoologists of that
pastoral country to a close examination of the subject, and one of the
leaders in the investigation is Dr. F. Keller, the famous archaeologist of
Lake dwellings. It is a healthy sign that Prof. Ray Lankester and Mr.
Lydekker are establishing a special section for this subject in the Natural
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