Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Borchardt, A. Z. xxxvii. 143, writes on tho usurpation of vessels, &c,
in foundation deposits by later kings.

Architecture, Technical Crafts, etc.

Wiedemann, Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 374, reviews Wallis's Eyyplian Ceramic
Art (Macgregor Collection).

WEILL lias written an article on the art of fortification in Ancient Egypt,
in the Journal Asiatique, 1900, 80 ; 201.

Lascelles, P. S. B. A. xxii. 118, publishes a list of drawings of
Saracenic architecture in Egypt by Sir Gardner Wilkinson, preserved in
the library of Harrow School.

Max Muller writes on the ancient Egyptian name for tin: Or. Litt.
Zeit. ii. 293.

Braulik's Altaegyptische is a treatise on Egyptian weaving
at various periods by a technical expert.

Beni Hasan Partiv. is a volume of zoological and miscellaneous details
from the tombs ; most of the plates are in colour.

A lecture by Prof. Petrie (delivered June 3, 1898) on the Development of
the Tomb in Egypt is printed with illustrations by the Eoyai Institution.
This is a very interesting exposition of the principal stages so far noted in
the development of the richer class of tombs, especially during the Old

Miss M. A. Murray has made a Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian
antiquities in the National Museum of Edinburgh, with many illustrations.

Turaefp continues his publication of Egyptian remains in Eussian
Museums and collections, with autographed copies of inscriptions, &c.
The text is in Eussian, Zapixlcy xii. 179-217.

Piehl reviews Waldemar Schmidt's catalogue (in Danish) of the
important Egyptian collection at Ny Carlsborg, newly formed by
M. Jacobson, Sphinx, iii. 175.

A new handbook has been published of the Egyptian collection at Berlin,
this time dealing with the papyri. The authors, Erman and Krebs, after
giving an account of the writing material, the scribe's outfit and the various
scripts, describe the chief papyri of the great collection, classified according
to language and contents.

Wiedemann, Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 269, reviews the Hand-Catalogue of the
Berlin Museum.

Mr. Henry Wallis has followed up his line publication of glazed ware in
the Macgregor collection by a second volume on Egyptian Ceramic Art,
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