Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Progress of Egyptology.

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I.—Eeport by W. Max Muller.

The nations of the Aegean Sea appear in an inscription published by
Daressy (Ree. de Trav. xxii. 2), as assisting Apries against Amasis. The
newly discovered Egyptian name of Naucratis (" Pamariti," according to
Maspero, Comptes Rendues, Acad, des Inscr., 1899, p. 793) must be
noticed here; as also an interesting inscription which mentions a " great
closing fortress on the sea" (Capart, Ilea, de Trav. xxii. 106). Some
" Mycenaean " vessels found in Egypt and figured by H. Wallis, Egyptian
Ceramic Art, still await discussion. Much Egyptian or semi-Egyptian
work is figured in a publication entitled Excavations in Cyprus, by A. S.
Murray, &c. C. Niebuhr, Or. Lift. Zeit. ii. 381, wishes to connect the
Shakarusha pirates with the city of Sagalassos in Pisidia, refuting the old
comparison with Sicily (cf. also I. c. iii. 70).

Sayce, P. S. B. A. xxi. 195, gives a new copy of the names
of Hittite cities recorded in the treaty with the Hittites at
Karnak. Boissier, Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 382, compares one of these names
(Arenena) with Arnna-Xanthos in Lycia; but cf. I. c. iii. 69. Von
Bissing, A. Z. xxxvii., 1899, 79, endeavours to prove that the so-called
"Tyriaii camp" in Memphis (Herodotus ii. 112) was originally a settlement
of Hittite captives brought home by Thutmosis III.; this king, however,
never waged war with the Hittites (Or. Litt. Zeit. iii. 73).

The Golonischeff Papyrus (to the edited text of which Golenischeff now
adds some corrections, Bee. de Trav. xxi. 227) is treated by W. M. Muller,
Mitt. d. Vorderas. Ges. v. 1, in'a study on the immigration of the
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