Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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Progress of Egyptology.

El Kab. Tomb of Renni, vol. 4, of the series Wall Drawings and
Monuments of El Kab, by j. j. Tylor. An interesting tomb dating from
the early part of the XVIIIth Dynasty (Amenhotep I.), a period at which
such monuments are very rare.

Thebes. Fragments of the statue of the Theban governor, Mentuemhat;
inscription naming Arnenhotep and Sat-ka-mes (?) ; inscription of Pen-Ra,
architect of the Ramesseuni ; all published by Daressy, Bee. xxii. 141-3.

Luxor. Lower ends of the lines of the " poem of Pentaur," so far as
the excavations in the temple have shown them : Daressy, Rev. Egypt, ix.
58. j. de Rouge, ib. 64, continues the publication of the text.

Medinet Habu. Inscriptions of the chapel of Ameniritis : Daressy,
Rec. xxiii. 4. The first instalment of Newberry's publications of the tomb
of Rekhmara is reviewed by Maspero, Journ. des Savants, Sept., 1900, and
Foucart, Rev. Arch, xxxix. 130.

Der el Bahri. The third volume of JNTaville's Deir el Bahari is reviewed
by Piehl in Sphinx, v. 32.

Abydos. Inscriptions of the Ethiopian period: Daressy, Bee. xxii.

Sakkareh. The scenes and inscriptions from the tomb of Akhethetep,
hitherto unpublished: Davies Mastaba of Ptahhetep and Akhethetep,
part ii. (Arch. Surv. Egypt Exploration Fund). The first part of this
memoir is reviewed by Max Muller, 0. L. Z. iv. 158, and by Foucart,
Rev. Grit. April 22nd, 1901.

Gizeh. A sphinx stela from the place of the Great Sphinx : Daressy,
Bee. xxii. 140.

Mit-eahineh. Inscription of Sheshenq I.; Daressy, Bee. xxii. 143.

Cairo. ' A table of offerings of Sety I., from Heliopolis, found in the
walls of a house in Cairo. Ahmed Bey Kamal, Annales, ii. 95.

JSTaucratis (?). A stela : Daressy, Rec. xxii. 140.

Rome. Objects presented to the Vatican by the Khedive : Marruchi,
Bessarione, ix. 1.

Florence. Medici obelisk of Rameses II., and a Xllth Dynasty
stela from Wady Halfeh (with an account of the temple there by Lyons) :
Pellegrini, Bessarione, ix. 410.

Paris. Texts from the Serapeum stelae; Chassinat, Bee. xxii. 163 ;
xxiii. 76. A very early granite statue, A 39, in the Louvre : Wiedemann,
O. L. Z. iv. 41.

Brighton. Two stelae, one showing the Reheni ram; statuette of
Min-mes, chief magician (?) to Rameses II. : Weigall, P. 8. B. A. xxii.
272 ; xxiii. 13.
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