Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


the sanctuary of Karnak, Ann. ii. 223; reports on work at Karnak in
1901, chiefly at the viith pylon, Annates, ii. 265 ; Maspero following with
notes on statues of a new king of the Xlllth Dynasty and of Amenhotep,
son of Hapu, ib. 281. Further, the excavations in 1901-2 at the viith and
viiith pylons, finding remains of a temple of Usertesen I., showing work of
Amenhotep I. and Thothmes II., two metres below the level of the pavement
of Thothmes III.; the last king therefore, with Hatshepsut, must have
overthrown the ancient edifice to build on its ruins, the change being-
necessitated by the rise in the level of the Nile-bed. The discovery opens
up a prospect of an infinity of early monuments below the present temple.
Legrain's report, which also deals with the consolidation of the temple of
Kameses III. and the hypostyle hail, is illustrated by photographs of flint
implements as well as of the statues and sculptures. Ann. iv. 1.

Ktjft. Excavation of a tomb of XXXth Dynasty. Carter, Ann.
iv. 49.

Abydos. Amelineau has issued the " compte rendu in extenso" of his
second campaign, 1896-7, completing the account of his excavations in the
royal necropolis, Les nouvelles fouilles cV'Abydos, 1896-7.

Petrie describes his excavations of the past season in the great temple
of Osiris for the Egypt Exploration Fund, resulting in finds of the first
importance, including glazed figures and tiles of the age of the 1st
Dynasty, a statuette of Khafra, decrees of kings of the Old Kingdom, and
remains of iron dated to the Vlth Dynasty. Abydos, part ii., 1903.

Account of Mr. Maclver and Mr. Wilkins' work for the Egypt Explora-
tion Fund at El Amrah in 1900, amongst predynastic and protodynastic
tombs and remains of the Middle Kingdom, written by Mr. MacIver ; and
an account of archaeological discoveries and inscriptions of the Middle and
New Kingdoms found in connection with Prof. Petrie's works at Abydos
in 1899-1901, by Mr. Mace. El Amrah and Abydos.

Account of royal tombs of the Illrd Dynasty and of other tombs pre-
historic and historic down to the Xlth Dynasty, found at Mahasna and
Bet Khallaf, near Abydos, by Garstang, working for the Egyptian
Research Account, with remarks on the early inscriptions by Prof. Sethe.
Mahasna and Bet Khallaf.

Asiut. Notes of exploration in the province of Asiut, Kamal, Ann. iii.

Tombs of Arab el Burg, opposite Asiut, belonging to the Xllth Nome
of Upper Egypt, Kamal, Ann. iii. 80.

Cusae. Necropolis of Vlth Dynasty at Koseir el Amarna, opposite Cusae,
with note by J. E. Qtjibell, Ciiaban, Ann. iii. 250.

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