Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


de Rouge and the older theory that it is related to the Semitic languages.
Sev. Grit. Aout 1903, 141, Oct. 1903, 261.

Prof. Maspero also continues his study of Egyptian vocalisation.
Eec. de Trav. xxv. 161.

Piehl criticizes several points in Erman's Grammatik. Sphinx vii.
65, 118, 211, and reviews SchAck's Zur Grammatik der Pyramiden texte,
ii. ib. viii. 101.

Review of Dedekixd's Aegijptologische Untersuclmngen, Andersson,
Sphinx, viii. 83.

Erman writes on the indication of grammatical distinctions by
abbreviated or full spellings of words. Verli. Orient. Gongr. 1902, 332.

The Transliteration of Egyptian. Eevillout, P. S. B. A. xxv. 329, 363 ;
Loret, ib. 368.

Prof. Erman has supplemented his Grammar of 1902 by a Reading-book
(Aegyptische Chrestomatliie) containing 150 pages of texts selected from a
wide range amongst those of the Old Kingdom, those written in the
ordinary literary language of the monuments and in the vulgar speech of
the Middle Kingdom. Late Egyptian and Demotic are excluded. The
texts are preceded by a brief sketch of Egyptian literature, and followed by
excellent notes.

This series of Manuals of the Ancient Egyptian language is now completed
by a Glossary {Aegyptische Glossar) of over 2,000 words, comprising all
that are contained in the Chrestomathy and many of the commoner words
not met with there, carefully arranged, showing the correct transliteration
of each, an example of the correct hieroglyphic orthography, together with
some of the more usual modifications, the meaning in German, and in some
cases Coptic derivatives, Greek transcripts, or Hebrew allies. The book is
very clearly printed, well spaced, and concisely worded. No references are
given to original texts, but some to the sections of the Grammar for special
words. An Egyptian vocabulary for beginners has long been a crying need,
and the rising generation of Egyptologists are much to be congratulated on
having their needs so well supplied by a work which is also full of
instruction for their elders.

In reporting the progress of tbe Berlin "Worterbueh to the Oriental
Congress in 1902 Prof. Erman stated that five years having passed since
the beginning of the work, another five years should complete the collection
of material. Verh. Orient. Gongr. 1902,333. According to the report for
1903, besides much else, the Pyramid Texts are now finished and the temple
inscriptions of the Ptolemaic period have been definitely assigned to a
special assistant. The staff numbers fourteen persons, and amongst them

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