Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Progress of Egyptology.

excavations at Abusir and the English at Behnesa, and a long account of
the work carried out under Prof. Breccia's own superintendence at the
Greek necropolis of Sciatbi, resulting in the discovery of architectural and
sculptured remains, vases, terracottas, coins, and minor objects, belonging
to the early years of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. An account is also given of
antiquities discovered on the property of Prince Omar Pacha Toussoun at
Maamourafc, including inscriptions and statuary of the Graeco-Roman

In the sphere of bibliography, which may conclude this report, two
articles have to be mentioned : a full but short summary of recent publica-
tions connected with the study of papyri, by Viereck,3" and Deissmann's
article dealing with publications on the language of the Greek Bible.83
To these have to be added, at the last moment, two much more extensive
publications. The third issue of M. Seymour de Ricci's Bulletin Papyro-
loyique,"9 published at the end of 1905, but only just received, is brought
down to the end of 1904, and is marked by the same exhaustiveness
and encyclopaedic knowledge of all branches of the subject as its
predecessors. None of the other bibliographies now in existence includes
so many notices of works which bear indirectly or incidentally on the subject
of papyrology, and there will be few students who do not find here
something that is useful to them. Finally, the concluding part of vol. iii
of the Archivf® which has just appeared after an interval of fifteen months,
is wholly given up to bibliography. A full report on the linguistic
publications of 1902-4 is given by Thumb ; Blass deals with the literary
texts (mainly those of Oxyrhynchus IF.); and Wilcken reviews the principal,
non-literary publications, especially the Berlin Urkunden, the Petrie papyri
(vol. iii.), the Reinach papyri, the Florence papyri, Wessely's Corpus
papyrorum Hennopolitanorum, and the Leipzig papyri. To all these he
contributes, as usual, a number of illuminating comments and corrections.

F. G. Kexyon.

P.S.—As a final postscript comes the announcement by M. Lefebvre,
Inspector of Antiquities at Assiout, of his discovery of a papyrus codex
containing 1,200 lines of Menander, from four distinct plays. Two plays
are represented by as much as 500 lines each. The publication of this
papyrus, which must rank as one of the most important discoveries of the
present generation, will be eagerly expected.

1 See the Times, May 14th, 1900.

■ Sitzungsbcrichte derlconigl. Akail. zu Berlin, March 22nd, 1906.
3 lb. May 17th, and July 12tb, 190G.
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