Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Pkogress of Egyptology.

are mentioned, also the remnants of a religious book and of a cursive MS.
of 35 pages.

Lefebvbe and Babby again report95 on their work at Tehneh (v. last
Report, 82). They speak of publishing the numerous Coptic MSS. and
ostraca found.

The previous excavation there produced a Coptic magical papyrus, said
to be of the 1st or 2nd century (an astonishing date), which will be
edited by Lacau.1"1

A detachment of the Kaufmann expedition to the western desert paid a
visit to the Nitrian Monasteries, which J. C. Falls describes with some
interesting photographs.0'' The libraries are said to be now empty.

Aevanitakis gives lengthy archaeological comments upon the Menas
flasks described by Dutilh and Blomfield (v. Report, 1903-04, 85), and a
discussion on the word ev\oy(a.^ The saint himself is to be dealt with

He also describes99 some shell spoons with iron handles, inscribed with
' The Apostle John' and faiye fidva. They were presumably for
liturgical use.

Photographs of the ruined church within the Denderah temple are given
in a report on Catholic Missions in the Sa'id.100

Somers Clarke testifies to the careful manner in which the work for
the preservation of the AVhite and Bed Monasteries is being carried out.101
The walls are out of danger and the modern buildings within have been

Maspero gives a picturesque description of the great ruined convent of
St. Simeon, at Aswan.10- He would assign the frescoes to the 11th
century. The ruin has suffered much in the last few years. It would
surely repay excavation. I do not think the cemetery has yet been

News has come of the fall of the famous 'Virgin's tree' at Matarieh,
the ancient sycamore said to have sheltered the Holy Family in their flight
to Egypt.103

In Cabrol's Dictionary Lecleecq has a long article 101 on the ruins,
antiquities etc., of Antinoe and the neighbouring Der Abu Hennes and

C. Beinckmann gives useful hints as to the treatment of Coptic textile
fragments, derived from her experience with the Berlin collection.Kain
water, without soap or alcohol, produces the best results.

9. Miscellaneous.—The monogram XMF has already received a great
deal of attention. Nestle 10(1 insists upon ' Christ, Michael, Gabriel ' as
loading ...